My name is Harri Huovinen. I was born in the beautiful archipelago of Southwestern Finland in 1977. I am an internationally minded patristic scholar, doctoral researcher, author, and musician with 15 years of professional experience of church life in Japan and Finland.

I am a theologian.

I know. Properly speaking, that title has been officially granted to three men only. But in today’s language, that’s the best word for what I do.

I study and teach Christian theology. And I love it.

What I do now

I am currently finishing my Ph.D. (or Th.D., to be exact) in Systematic Theology and Patristics at the department of Orthodox Theology, University of Eastern Finland. In my work, I concentrate on the notion of church membership in three late 4th century bishops, Cyril of Jerusalem, Basil of Caesarea, and John Chrysostom. While the sources are ancient, they are oh-so-relevant for our times as well.

I am also involved in popularizing these ancient themes. As the secretary of the Finnish Patristic Society, I get organize symposia, conferences, and public discussions on Early Christian theology. I also work on the graphic design and publication of Studia Patristica Fennica, the peer-reviewed journal for scholarly articles and translations of Patristic texts.

What I have done

Pastor & lecturer
From May 2012 until November 2021, I worked as the head pastor of a Lutheran congregation in Lahti, Finland. During this time, I also worked as a visiting lecturer at the Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary, Kobe, Japan.

International work in churches
In 2006-2010, I worked as a musician and catechist in the West Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church, mainly in the beautiful city of Kobe.

Performing & recording artist
I have worked in music ever since I was 16. In my early twenties, I received my first education as a drum instructor at the Pop/Jazz conservatory, Helsinki. I also have an extensive experience as a performing and recording drummer and multi-instrumentalist.

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